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Tristan Ethier, Co-Founder/CEO
Kevin Ethier, Co-Founder/President
April Ethier, Secretary
Rick Provost, VP of Promotions
Patty McHugh, VP of Marketing & Fundraising
Dana Maguire, Grant Writer
Corey HobinTreasurer 
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A message from our Co-Founder, Tristan Ethier

Welcome to the Music for a Cause website. My name is Tristan Ethier, and I'm a third generation, multi-instrumentalist, musician born and raised in RI.

From the very beginning I realized the range of emotions that music brought out in me, and the people around me. It became evident that music was the language of the heart, that it had no boundaries, and that it could reach every person where they were, no matter what they were going through or what they were feeling.  I saw the healing effects that music had on me as well as others. Early in my teenage years I knew I wanted to use my music to impact the lives of others.  When asked what I thought that looked like to me I would always answer, “I am not exactly clear on that yet, but I hope to be able to entertain and more importantly inspire and touch people through music for the rest of my life.”  As time past I realized that the talents I had were not my own, but rather gifts from God. I had a calling in my heart, telling me to use these gifts to improve the lives of people. I wanted to be instrumental in changing the lives of others but honestly, I did not know what that looked like.  

My life has been affected by substance abuse; in my family, my friends and other people around me.  I have seen how it has a rippling effect on ALL people, both those dealing with the addiction as well as their loved ones.  It takes no hostages, it effects ALL walks of life. 

After much meditation, learning and talking, it became clear to me what I needed to do. I needed to bring awareness and education to those affected by addiction. Through my research I have learned that addictions are a devastating brain disease. The stigma that the addict has a moral issue is incorrect and unfair. 

My calling is to use musical events to rekindle hope and empower addicts to make lasting, positive changes in their lives, thru awareness, education and financial support. My organization, "Music for a Cause", is the answer to my years of wondering how to use my passion for music to help. I hope you can help too.


The mission of Music For A Cause is to financially assist existing treatment centers, and transitional facilities in order to expand treatment access and eventually build new ones. This mission will be accomplished by organizing music-based events that raise money while also raising public awareness that addiction is a disease and not a weakness or moral failing of those afflicted. We strive to remove the social stigma facing addicts and to open people’s eyes to what can be done to help them and their families. 



Our vision is to be instrumental in changing lives through Faith, Hope, Love and Music.

Psalm 95:1